Giuliana Rancic Cried When Her Maternity Leave Ended And Didn’t Want To Go Back To Work

Oh girl, I hear ya! Leaving your precious newborn at home is never easy to do. Reality television star and host Giuliana Rancic admits that she cried when her maternity leave ended and she had to go back to work this week.

The 37-year-old E! News anchor – who welcomed her first son Edward Duke with her 41-year-old husband Bill Rancic via a gestational surrogate in August – returned from three-months maternity leave on Monday and admits it was really hard.

She told Live From E!: “It was hard to leave the little guy I’m not going to kid you. But you know pulling into the E! parking lot I swear to God it was like I’d never left. It came right back, it was like riding a bike. He’s only three miles away. I’m fine. I’m going to do what most moms do. It is hard but hopefully I’m going to bring him in a couple of days of the week. He’s so new. He’s only 11 weeks old.”


Photos via FameFlynet