Kristin Cavallari Arrives at LAX with Son Camden and Mom

It was a family affair this evening for Kristin Cavallari as she landed on a fight into Los Angeles. The reality star and young mother was spotted pushing a stroller with her son Camden Jack through the arrivals gate. Along for the flight? Kristin‘s own mom, Judith Spies, who clearly enjoyed hanging with her daughter and grandson.

Kristin has proven herself to be such a great mom. She’s always doting on little Camden and brings him everywhere, even to work. She stopped several times as the trio made their way through the airport to make silly faces at her little guy and check on him. She is definitely one of the cutest moms in Hollywood–and he is such a cute baby!



Jason Biggs Picks Up the New York Times

It seems celebrities like to read in their spare time! At least, some do. Actor Jason Biggs was spotted this afternoon in New York City picking up a copy of the New York Times as he strolled toward his Downtown hotel. The American Pie star said a quick “hi” to photogs before fleeing the scene. I guess he was in a hurry to read that paper!

So, what’s Jason been up to in New York, aside from catching up on the news? Apparently, defending himself over Twitter. The star apparently made a political comment that landed him with “a little bit of heat from the right.” The comedian, true to form, laughed off whatever drama he’d stirred up, saying “I’m more afraid of the Kardashians than I am of the Republicans.”

Can’t we all just get along?



Miley Cyrus Goes to the Skin Doc

Actress Miley Cyrus proved she’s just like the rest of us when she visited a skin clinic in LA today. Troubled skin is so frustrating and when you have to wear gobs of makeup for your job, it can definitely take a toll on your face! Adorable Miley wore a great little outfit to the doc including bright skinny jeans and a cropped top.

Sporting sunglasses and a hat, she did her best to escape photogs. Though shots reveal some redness, we’re sure that with a bit of time and whatever treatment she got, she’ll be in great shape. The bride-to-be looks great even when her face is enflamed. Not fair!


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Brenda Song Works Out in LA

It’s tough work fitting in when you’re in Hollywood… and part of the requirements are a fit physique! Actress Brenda Song proved she’s in it for the long haul when she left the gym in Studio City today after a workout. The star was makeup-free with her in a topknot that says, “I’ve been sweating!”

It was a tough year for Brenda who broke up with fiance Trace Cyrus in the spring. Since then, she’s been laying low but clearly not feeling low. It’s good to see her out and about… and with that bod, she’s sure to be dating someone new again soon!



Cindy Crawford & Hubby Depart LAX

The departures gate was swarming with celebs today at LAX and supermodel Cindy Crawford and her husband Rande Gerber were just two of them. The gorgeous pair entered the airport side-by-side toting their own luggage and trying to be discreet.

Of course, there’s no hiding from the cameras when you’re Cindy Crawford–even with those big sunglasses on! The former model was looking chic as always in slim black pants, a white silk top and flats. I wonder where these jet-setters were headed? Vacation, hopefully!



Bethenny Frankel Departs LAX

Well, that was quick. Reality star Bethenny Frankel just arrived in LA… and she’s already leaving! The cute celeb mom can’t stay away from husband Jason Hoppy and daughter Brynn for too long, obviously! We assume she was headed back to New York.

The starlet was dressed casually in ripped jeans and a Skinny Girl tee as she arrived at LAX late this afternoon to catch her departing flight. She stopped to pose and smile for photogs outside the airport. As usual, Bethenny was all smiles.



Rebecca Gayheart Picks Up Billie at School

Hands-on mom Rebecca Gayheart did the school run again today. The Last Day actress picked up daughter Billie Dane at her school in Hollywood, doing her best to blend in with the other moms. Gayheart wore a gray sweater, wool pants, brogues and put on black shades as she exited the school.

She was laughing with another mom as she left with her little one. I just can’t get over Billie’s hair! What a lucky little girl… and she’s too young to appreciate it. Billie wore a cute little off-white dress, leggings and a black tee. She apparently has her mom’s easy-chic fashion sense. What a cute pair!