Kristen Stewart Still Feeling Guilty

kristen stewart still guilty about cheating

From the look of things on the press tour for ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2,’ it looks like Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson really are giving their relationship a second chance. A friend of theirs told Us Weekly the two are not good enough actors to fake it.

“He’s never going to forget what she did, but he has forgiven her. Almost losing him was a wake-up call for Kristen. And Rob doesn’t want to be angry anymore. They want to move forward.”

A friend of Kristen’s said:

“[T]here are good days and bad days. She still feels guilty.”

A “cast source” told Us Weekly Rob and Kristen are comfortable around each other “almost as if no scandal has occurred.” Yet a production insider said Kristen is still struggling with how the ‘Twilight’ fans feel about her.

“She still thinks the world hates her. It’s hard to resume a relationship after something like that.”

I am SURE the whole world doesn’t hate Kristen! Hopefully she’ll feel the fans’ love by the time she’s finished promoting ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’!







  1. Michele says

    Once a cheater always a cheater… she’s a slut… and he’s stupid for taking her back!