‘Twilight’ Star Kellan Lutz Talks To Elle

twilight's kellan lutz talks to elle

In the December issue of Elle (the one with ‘The Hunger Games’ star Jennifer Lawrence on the cover), which is on newsstands now, ‘Twilight‘ star Kellan Lutz opened up about his personal life. They asked some pretty revealing questions!

On girls who are interested in him purely because of ‘Twilight': “I’ve been blessed with a good head on my shoulders and quite a good ability of discernment. I can see through people. I have more people lying to me today that I’ve ever had in my life. I don’t think I’ve changed one bit. The world’s changed.

On the most romantic thing he’s done for a woman: “When I was in sixth grade, I’d go to the dollar store to get this girl, Kelsey, gifts. I read in some magazine that girls love gifts. I’d get a couple pieces of candy, a rose. I loved being Romeo to her Juliet. Then I got her this ‘gold’ necklace from the dollar store. How was I supposed to know there’s fake gold? She found out I’d gotten it at the dollar store- and she got mad at me. And I was trying to do the most romantic thing I’d ever done!

On if he’d do anything differently about his “first time:” “It was high school- with the love of my life, at the time. It wasn’t one of those drunk moments at a party. Everything was just really caring and done out of love. It was one of those really sweet, loving, connected moments.”

On staying connected to his faith: “I have a Bible study that my friends and I go to here in L.A. I go to church every Sunday. I’ve always been a believer. I love singing. I don’t have the best voice- I just love getting my emotions out.”

Kellan goes to Bible study? Who knew? You can read Kellan’s entire interview in the December issue of Elle, which is out now!






  1. GigglesGurl20 says

    He is so friggin hawt! I got his xmas ornament too from bloomies to remind me of him on those cold winter nights 😉