Rachel Zoe & Skylar Hang Out

rachel zoe & skyler hang out

Here’s my favorite celebrity stylist, Rachel Zoe. She’s hanging out with her favorite little buddy, stylish son Skyler. Rachel looks as chic as always. You know all the celebrity closets I’ve said I’d like to raid? Forget them ALL: I’d be happy just raiding Rachel’s! I wouldn’t be able to wear a single thing out of it, but I could use the clothes for inspiration when selecting my own wardrobe- LOL.

Skyler looks like he’s at the age where he’s ready to just Take Off and Go! Rachel can barely get him to hold her hand. Normally I’m sure it’s funny. With paparazzi, though, I have to admit I’d be SO scared to even let him walk around holding my hand. It just seems like a situation that could get out of control so fast. Rachel handles it well, though.


Photos by WENN