Stephen Moyer Skateboards For Lunch

stephen moyer on a skateboard with takeout

Well if this isn’t multi-tasking I don’t know what is!  New dad Stephen Moyer was spotted out on his longboard this afternoon in L.A. after picking up some takeout and talking on his phone! Talk about talented!

We haven’t seen much of Stephen since the birth of his twins with wife Anna Paquin, although I’m sure that twins must be keeping him very very busy.  I am already looking forward to the next season of True Blood though – last season things got a bit weird but it ended even weirder so I am anxious to see what happens with Stephen’s character of Vampire Bill!



Ke$ha Gives The Today Show Crowd A Show!

kesha on the today show

It’s been a busy week for Ke$ha!  The ‘Die Young‘ singer performed for the first time at an awards show in a long time at this past weekend’s American Music Awards and today the singer gave her fans a show as she rocked out for The Today Show’s audience.

The singer performed wearing fishnet stockings, a floral bodysuit and camouflage jacket with floral embellishments.  Nice to see that taking a bit of time off hasn’t calmed Ke$ha down at all!  I do really like her new song though, it’s pretty catchy!



Does Kanye West Want Kim Kardashian To Quit Reality TV?

kim kardashian kanye west

This story really doesn’t surprise me at all.  According to our friends over at Splash News Kanye West is encouraging girlfriend Kim Kardashian to quit her reality tv gig and focus instead on her acting career! Seems the rapper might have a lot more faith in Kim‘s acting skills than most of the rest of America:)

While I can totally see Kanye trying to encourage Kim to give up her reality career, I have a hard time actually seeing Kim do it.  After all, those reality shows of hers have made her and her family a household name and the endorsement contracts that they’ve gotten because of it are insane!  I don’t really see Kim being able to make it as a respected actress either.  What do you think?


Kourtney Kardashian And Scott Disick Get Engaged!

kourtney kardashian and scott disick engaged

Looks like we might have another big reality TV wedding to look forward to!  After years of dating and having 2 children together, Scott Disick has finally popped the question to longtime love Kourtney Kardashian!  It’s about time!

According to RadarOnline Scott’s aunt Laurie Disick confirmed the news saying;

“We’re all so thrilled they’ve finally decided to get engaged,”

“We’re all so fond of Kourtney, and we wish them a long, happy marriage.”

Let’s hope their marriage lasts longer that Kim’s marriage to Kris Humphries at least!  I don’t know about you but Kourtney seems to have a good head on her shoulders.  I know she has had reservations in the past about marriage so I’m sure that she and Scott are going to take their marriage vows very seriously.  And I’m sure we’ll get to watch it all happen on ‘Kim and Kourtney Take Miami!‘.



Jamie Foxx Does The Cover Of “Men’s Health”

It seems like we haven’t seen or heard from this guy in a very long timeJamie Foxx graces the December cover of Men’s Health (on newsstands today) and opens up about his journey to becoming one of the most adaptable entertainers in the business. He also shares how he packed on layers of muscle and delved into centuries of American racism for his role in the upcoming movie, Django Unchained (in theaters Dec. 25). Here are some highlights of what he says below:

Jamie on why playing a cowboy in Django Unchained was second nature to him…
“I watched Bonanza. I watched Hee Haw. I spun guns on my finger. Every kid, if you were in Texas, wanted to be a cowboy, whether you were black, white, Mexican, whatever.”

Jamie after delving into centuries of American racism for Django Unchained…
[A few onscreen fistfights were] “actually a breath of fresh air, to get all that tension out.”

Jamie on being one of the most adaptable entertainers in the business…
“You just have to live. As a comedian, you have to do it in different rooms. You can do it in the hood; I did it in the hood for a long time. And I took that same muscle and did it uptown, where the audience is Robert De Niro and Al Pacino and all those guys. You still remain the same person, and you get your stamp. It’s like a passport.”

Jamie on the one experience that gave him a certain authority on the set of Any Given Sunday…
“I got into the movie, and there’s Al Pacino, there’s Cameron Diaz, there’s James Woods, there’s all these incredible actors. But the one thing I had on my side: I played football. And I knew more about football than any of these guys. That’s what I relied on.”

Jamie on his evolving career…
“One thing I’ve learned: You have to rely on someone to tell you what is hot and what’s not as you get older. That’s what I do; I ask. When Kanye was telling me about ‘Slow Jamz,’ I was trying to sing it all happy, and he was like, ‘Don’t do that. This is hip-hop. Trust me, the simpler it is, the more effective it is.’ Music is changing. If you don’t change with it, you’ll be at the casino performing: ‘How y’all feel out there tonight?’ I’m still learning how to stay relevant and current–and at the same time not lose who I am, not be too young.”

Jamie on his willingness to unlearn to stay on top…
“Here’s what you’re going to unlearn now: Somehow you have to pull yourself away from media, not be so shiny in the next 10 years, because it hurts the art. When you go on talk shows, you have to be lighthearted, which helps and hurts. Now I’ve got to change the satellite a little bit. That’s the tricky part now. How do you navigate through the world you live in and still be an artist? Because that’s the only thing that’s going to survive.”

Jamie on doing pushups during down time at his cover shoot…
“It goes back to when you’re a kid looking in the mirror, and you want to be the guy in the magazine.”

Photos via Men’s Health

Kate Moss Steps Out In London

Supermodel Kate Moss was spotted running errands while she was out and about in London, England on Tuesday afternoon.

The British beauty looked both casual and comfortable in a winter coat that she matched with a pair of jeans and black boots. When it comes to style, these supermodels never miss a beat, now do they? Take a look at our photo gallery below and let us know what you think!


Photos via FameFlynet

Anna Faris Visits Salon Benjamin

It looks like this mom likes to stay glam! Actress and new celebrity mom Anna Faris was spotted heading to Benjamin Salon while in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Tuesday afternoon.

But seriously, doesn’t Anna look like one of the most likable celebrities out there? Whenever she sees the paparazzi, she’s always in a good mood and all smiles. I just love her positive attitude! Take a look at our photo gallery below and let us know what you think.


Photos via FameFlynet