1. How can Eddie and Leann work out their issues when the issue is that Eddie doesn’t want to be with Leann? Eddie is an opportunist. No one should be shocked by this information about Eddie’s motives for being with Leann. We have seen Leann copying Eddie’s ex-wife since the affair was first exposed, suing Life and Style for exposing Eddie’s affair with Scheana in 2009, and dragging her BFF Liz everywhere she and Eddie go. Eddie is always walking around with alcohol in his hands. Most importantly, if Eddie doesn’t protect his own kids from the paps and Leann’s tweets, why would anyone think that he is faithful or loyal to Leann?

    The media should have seen this baby story coming because Leann hinted at this in her blog about the dog that she “rescued” where she attempted to use Eddie’s son to fuel pregnancy rumors.

  2. Having a baby is NEVER the “cure” for fixing a broken relationship. This relationship was doomed from the beginning. The only thing those two ever had in common, was that they both cheated. What comes around…goes around. Hope it was worth it, Leann…your reputation is crap now. He’s an arse, too, of course…but she was the one with the squeaky clean, almost innocent like image. That’s been shot to hell…and no one likes a “home-wreaking ho”. Just ask Angelina Jolie.


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