Scarlett Johansson Visits ‘The Late Show With David Letterman’

scarlett johansson visits the late show with david letterman

Scarlett Johansson may not have made it to the ‘Hitchcock’ premiere in LA, but she was still supporting her new movie. She stopped by the Ed Sullivan Theatre to visit ‘The Late Show with David Letterman,’ instead. Maybe Scarlett didn’t want to be apart from her new boyfriend, either. It’s a long flight from New York to LA.

I like Scarlett’s upswept ‘do here. It’s too bad we can’t see more of the dress! I guess I’ll have to find video of Scarlett’s interview on the internet to check it out. Did you get a chance to see Scarlett chat with David Letterman last night? If so, how did she look? David seems happy with his guest: he even poked his head out to grin at the fans outside- LOL.