Breaking News – Gabriel Aubry Arrested For Assaulting Olivier Martinez

gabriel aubry arrested

Yikes!  Looks like it wasn’t a peaceful Thanksgiving for Halle Berry! I guess things have gotten really nasty between Halle’s former flame Gabriel Aubry and her current fiance Olivier Martinez because Aubry was arrested this morning after assaulting Martinez!

According to TMZ the fight broke out when Aubry arrived at Berry’s house to drop off Nahla.  Words were exchanged between the two men and Aubry allegedly threw a punch at Martinez, but Martinez managed to block it and struck Aubry.  Both men ended up at the hospital and TMZ reports that Aubry has been released and is currently being booked at an L.A. jail.

It was just a few weeks ago that a judge denied Berry’s petition to move with Martinez to France because Aubry petitioned to block the move so I’m sure that didn’t help the relationship between everyone involved.  Today a judge issued an emergency protective order requiring Gabriel to stay 100 yards away from Halle, Olivier, and Nahla.  Wow, what a terrible Thanksgiving for poor Halle and Nahla.


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  1. Jules says

    Never mind poor Halle. I used to be a huge fan of hers, till I started seeing article after article about what a controlling, manipulative narcissist she is. To this day she never did take full responsiblity for that accident she was involved in…the one where she got the cut on her forehead. Even though she was 100% responsible for it. She’s not as smart as I had previously given her credit for either…it seems that everyone but her, knows that her current man is cheating on her. Thank God some judge saw through her scheming games and put the kibosh on her attempt to take Nahla to France. It’s too bad that Gabriel lost his cool and got into that altercation with Martinez, but one can only imagine the bs he’s put up with from Berry and Martinez in private. I hope he doesn’t suffer any permanent scarring on that beautiful face of his, but then Halle could always refer him to the surgeon that fixed hers.

  2. Birdy says

    It is amazing how everything involving the issue of custody is Halle Berry’s fault, and supposedly she is such a bad person.. If working women in courts fighting for the custody of their children makes for a bad woman, then we are in a lot of trouble, for there are millions all around the world in quite similar situation they are just not famous. Also, there are several other past girlfriends who I remember have offered to testify as to Mr. Aubry’s provclivity for verbally abusing his female lovers. But for those females so in love with him, go ahead, he’s free!