Gabriel Aubry Claims Tape Exonerates Him

gabriel aubry claims olivier martinez started fight

Gabriel Aubry may have been the one who was charged after getting into a fight with his ex’s fiance, Olivier Martinez. However, he says security cameras should have caught the fight on tape. Gabriel reportedly is eager for police to see the footage. He’s claiming it will prove Olivier was the one who started the fight.

I wonder why police charged Gabriel initially? He is said to have sustained  broken rib, cuts to the face, and possibly a head injury. Olivier reportedly had bruises and perhaps a broken hand. Well, if this is true, Gabriel had better have police get that video STAT.


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  1. Dover says

    You’re forgetting that he wasn’t even arrested or anything by police. It was Martinez who did a citizen’s arrest after he beat Gabriel into the ground. Police showed up and would not perform an arrest as they saw no reason for it.