Birthday Girl Katherine Heigl

katherine heigl at her birthday lunch

Katherine Heigl celebrated a birthday! She was treated to a low-key lunch by her husband, Josh Kelley, and her mother, Nancy. When Katherine adopted Naleigh, she talked about how Naleigh’s birthday was one day before hers. I’m guessing Naleigh got to enjoy the big birthday bash!

Katherine looks like she was satisfied with her low-key lunch. When you get older, you don’t need much. Time with the people you love is more than enough. A thoughtful paparazzo even gave Katherine a flower on her way out. Happy Birthday!



Miranda Kerr Takes A Meeting

miranda kerr takes a meeting

Miranda Kerr got back to work after Thanksgiving. Yesterday the model was seen heading to a meeting in New York City. Miranda and Flynn have been keeping themselves busy in the city. I haven’t seen Orlando Bloom for a while, though. Maybe he’s been off shooting another movie?

As usual, I’m loving Miranda’s look here. Last year, my fashion challenge for myself was wearing more scarves. This year, I want to incorporate hats. I’m loving Miranda’s hat. And I NEED that bag!


Photos by Meyers/Teach/FAMEFLYNET

Nicole Richie & Harlow Enjoy The Beats

nicole richie & harlow see fresh beat band concert

Nicole Richie took Harlow to the Fresh Beat Band concert. No Yo Gabba Gabba for Harlow? Maybe they went to both. Regardless, it looks like Nicole and Harlow got to enjoy some mother-daughter time. Harlow looks a lot like her mom! Harlow has a pretty  busy social calendar: she went to Bronx Went’s birthday party recently, too.

Most of the time we see Nicole hitting the gym. She needs to stay in shape to be able to keep up with her two little ones! I’m sure Nicole cares about her appearance and her health as well, but she has a very practical reason for keeping herself in shape.


Photos by Miguel/FAMEFLYNET

Anne Hathaway Walks Her Dog

anne hathaway walks her dog

Newlywed Anne Hathaway spent her first Thanksgiving as a married woman! The ‘Les Miserables‘ star looks like she’s keeping it low-key at home in New York. Here’s Anne all bundled up, walking her dog.

Anne said recently she’s hoping to start a family soon. I wonder how soon “soon” is? I’m not sure I’ll start a baby bump watch just yet. It’s tempting, after all the excitement of a wedding, to want to keep the excitement going with a baby. But it’s not a bad idea to just enjoy some time as husband and wife first!


Photos by Meyers/FAMEFLYNET

Ellen Pompeo Is On Mom Duty

Grey’s Anatomy‘ star Ellen Pompeo had a busy Saturday! She was seen taking her daughter, Stella, to a party. Doesn’t Stella look adorable in her long dress? Then Ellen and Stella met up with Chris Ivery.

The trio did some shopping. Maybe Ellen and Chris are trying to get a sense of what Stella wants from Santa this year? It’s not a bad strategy. Lots of kids want EVERY single thing they see in the commercials. When you see what toys actually hold their interest in the store, it can make figuring out what they want a little easier.



Russell Brand Takes His Mum To Yoga

russell brand & his mom do yoga

Russell Brand is entertaining his mother this holiday weekend! Thanksgiving doesn’t mean much to them, since they’re British, but hopefully they got the chance to enjoy a good meal. I wonder if Russell and his mum checked out the Black Friday sales?

Maybe that was before (and why) they went to do yoga, which is what Russell and his mother are doing here. I can see where you would need to get centered and balanced after battling that craziness- LOL. The deals are great, but what you have to go through to get the deals makes me think you pay a different kind of price. But my friends who love to find a good deal (and who doesn’t?) are in HEAVEN this weekend. For the rest of us, there’s always the internet.


Brad Pitt Shoots ‘World War Z’

brad pitt films world war z

Is it just me, or does it seem like Brad Pitthas been filming ‘World War Z‘ for a looooong time? We have pictures of Brad shooting this movie from over a year ago. The first trailer for ‘World War Z‘ just came out, for goodness’ sake!

Well, this is a major studio movie. So I’m sure everyone is working to get it just right. Therefore, Brad is back out- on the water, this time- filming more scenes for ‘World War Z.’ They’re shooting off the south coast of England. I have to say, it looks cold and wet. I’m probably thinking “cold” from how bundled up they all are- LOL. Are you looking forward to seeing ‘World War Z’?


Photos by FameFlynetUK/FAMEFLYNET