Camille Grammer Rushes To Court To Stop Kelsey Grammer

camille grammer wants restraining order against kelsey grammer

Camille Grammer and Kelsey Grammer are at it again. Camille reportedly is rushing to court to get a restraining order to stop Kelsey from moving into their former Beverly Hills home, which they are trying to sell. Although Kelsey recently bought another house in the area, he apparently wants to live in this house with his wife, Kayte, and their daughter, Faith. Camille is concerned him living in the house will decrease the property value.

Apparently Camille and Kelsey are paying a “huge mortgage” on the house which is a financial drain on them both. They are trying to sell the property and split the profit. The asking price for the house was just lowered by $1 million to $16 million. I’m confused about what both of them are doing. Why would Kelsey living in the house decrease the property value? And why would Kelsey want to move in there if he just bought another house in the same area? Oy vey.