Fact Or Fiction: Will Gabriel Aubry Be Deported Back To Canada Following Arrest?

This story just gets uglier by the day, unfortunately. There are new claims being made out their that Gabriel Aubry might be facing deportation after his arrest following the Thanksgiving beatdown by Halle Berry‘s boyfriend, Olivier Martinez. Here’s what we’re reading from Radar Online:

“Not only is Gabe dealing with the possibility of losing shared custody of his daughter, Nahla, and possible criminal charges, but the real possibility of being deported back to Canada because of the arrest,” a source close to the former model tells RadarOnline.com exclusively. “Gabe is in the United States on a work visa and anytime someone is arrested on child abuse, domestic violence, assault or battery charges the Immigration and Naturalization Services is contacted by law enforcement.

Ok, I don’t know what to believe here, because wasn’t it Olivier to one who made a citizen’s arrest here (even though he’s not even an American citizen?)? And judging by how badly Gabriel got rocked in the face, I’m surprised that Olivier didn’t get arrested too! (Poor Gabe sure did lose his moneymaker by getting his face roughed up, now didn’t he?). Since when did a little alleged push deserve such a punishment? Gabriel just won a huge custody battle, so I doubt it was him that wanted to fight. If I were Halle, I’d be keeping my eye on Olivier there. Is it really worth fighting a fight to move your daughter half way around the world with you to be with someone who might have been close to killing your daughter’s father? Yikes.

Here’s hoping the judge in this case sees it for what it is and doesn’t punish Nahla by taking away one of her parents for good.


Photos via FameFlynet