Jessica Simpson’s Weight Loss Secret

jessica simpson drank smoothies to lose weight

Jessica Simpson used a Weight Watchers-approved diet plan, as well as exercise, to drop the 60 pounds she gained while pregnant with baby Maxwell. But now TMZ reports Jessica was put on an unusual diet for a Weight Watchers participant. She drank smoothies instead of regular meals. The diet plan reportedly was developed by Jessica’s former chef and approved by Weight Watchers. TMZ has posted copies of the plan.

It all kicked off in July with a 15-day smoothie diet: 5 days of 3 smoothies a day (with 2 healthy snacks); 5 days of 2 smoothies a day (2 healthy snacks, 1 meal); and 5 days of 1 smoothie day (with 2 snacks and 2 meals).

I’m surprised Weight Watchers agreed to this: they’re whole thing is about how you can eat regular food and lose weight by following their points system! And maintaining weight loss is all about changing the way you eat permanently, not temporarily. Who can keep eating like this? Then again, most of their members aren’t celebrity spokespeople under A LOT of pressure to lose weight quickly. What do you think about learning about Jessica’s extreme weight loss strategy?







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    I think this is all hooey there are so many ways to loose weight, and keep it off, but if Jess keeps getting preg’s it will be harder.

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    I don’t see anything wrong with wanting to healthier. This is what we all want and it means losing those extra pounds that is weighing us down.