Tom Cruise Angers Londoners With Film Production

tom cruise filming all you need is a kill

Londoners may be ready for Tom Cruise to fly back across the pond to the United States. He reportedly angered the Brits when production for his current movie, ‘All You Need Is A Kill,’ closed down the center of the city. The movie shot scenes in Trafalgar Square and surrounding streets for over three hours. A couple of people had this to say:

Louise Allain, of Westminster, said: “I wanted to get to Mass this morning but Trafalgar Square was closed. Thanks for nothing, Tom.”

Visitor Mary Lamont added to The Sun newspaper: “I can’t believe the whole of central London has been closed just because of a film.”

Apparently for one scene Tom lands in an RAF helicopter under Nelson’s Column, a popular tourist spot. Armoured vehicles were also brought in for the scene. A city spokesperson said that, while the residents did not benefit financially from the movie production, it ” raises the profile of the city and is good for tourism.”

I have to admit, I wouldn’t be happy with that reasoning, either. London is already a well-known tourist spot! Hopefully the rest of the production can either be done during off hours (like at night) or in less crowded areas.


Photos by FameFlynetUK/FAMEFLYNET