Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez Interviewed By Police

police interview halle berry & olivier martinez

This isn’t too surprising. Now that Gabriel Aubry has gone to court and obtained a restraining order against Olivier Martinez, alleging it was Olivier who started the fight and even threatened to kill him after delivering quite a beat down (judging from Gabriel’s face), police in unmarked cars were spotted at Halle Berry’s house. The detectives reportedly interviewed Halle and Olivier. While Halle is going to court to get the temporary restraining order against Gabriel extended to keep him away from herself, Olivier, and Nahla, Gabriel is going to court to have the restraining order keeping him from Nahla, specifically, lifted.

Since Nahla wasn’t hurt or even the target, I’m guessing Gabriel is going to get his way on that one. And Halle had better hope Gabriel doesn’t get his work visa revoked, sending him back to Canada. That REALLY didn’t work out well for Kelly Rutherford. Once her children’s father got his US visa revoked, the judge awarded him primary physical custody in Monaco since he couldn’t come to the United States to visit them! I mean, Canada is much closer than Monaco, but still. What a mess. I hope, once things calm down a little, Halle, Gabriel, and Olivier can all come to see how this isn’t helping Nahla One Bit.