Halle Berry Wants To Quit Her Hollywood Career For Her Daughter

Can anyone say… damage control? I’m not surprised at all that Halle Berry‘s team is working on overdrive right about now trying to save face after the pictures of Gabriel Aubry‘s horrific face were released on Monday night, following what looked like a brutal beatdown between Olivier Martinez‘s hand and Gabriel’s moneymaker. Rather than show any sympathy towards the man who is her daughter’s father, Halle is spinning this around trying to make herself look like a victim by now proclaiming that she wants to quit Hollywood in order to better protect her daughter, Nahla Aubry. Here’s what we’re reading:

“Now that a court has ruled Halle can’t move to France permanently, she feels she’s left with no alternative but to quit her career. It may seem pretty dramatic, but Halle doesn’t know what else she can do to stop the tabloids writing about her. In the last few years, she has worked on only a handful of films, so she can dedicate most of her time to Nahla. She also thought that would make her less of a target for the paparazzi, but with all the drama going on in her personal life that hasn’t been the case. Halle thinks that Nahla’s upbringing has been far from ideal. Her picture is taken by photographers all over the world whenever she’s with her mom, and Halle would hate to think that Nahla may come to believe that’s a natural occurrence. But she made a life as an actress, an Oscar-winning one too, so it would be hard for her to just quit,” the source opines.

Are you believing this? Because I’m not. And from what I know at this point, things are going to go downhill for Halle, and not just in her custody battle but in her career, too. You can’t just think that you are going to get away with stripping your daughter away from her father and think that he’s not going to fight for her. A child has a right to have both of their parents by their side, no matter who they are. Sadly no one really knows what’s going on in Halle’s head except for Halle herself. Poor Nahla is the victim in all of this.


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  1. Jan says

    Thank you for saying what I have been thinking all along through this Halle Berry mess. A child should have access to both of their parents until they are 18. The courts were right to prevent her from taking her daughter to France. She needs to get over it…..selfish, selfish, selfish woman!