Leonardo di Caprio Covers Details Magazine

Leonardo di Caprio is this month’s Details cover boy and oh my is he lookin’ good! The hot Hollywood actor talks about his career, his hotness (ok, maybe not exactly, LOL) and being an actor that’s in demand right now. Here are some highlight of what he says in his interview:

He’s very in demand: “This has been an exceptional situation. Filming three movies back to back to back, I don’t think I’ve ever done that. In a weird way. I realize these movies are about three different periods in American history, but all have a central character trying to hold on to the privileged life they’ve been given, by any means necessary.”

His Django Unchained character, Calvin Candie: “One of, if not the most, despicable, indulgent, radical characters I’ve ever read in my life. Writer-directors tend to be very precious about their material and their words, but Quentin’s [Tarantino] whole process is getting input from the actors and adding levels to their characters. A lot of the talks we had specifically about phrenology really took him to a completely different level.”

His career choices: “Of course it’s all risky….I mean, that’s the excitement of doing it, you know? I don’t know why I choose certain films. I just gravitate toward them and I don’t question that.”

On producing: “My whole thing has been to develop material outside the studio system for myself, and this expanded to funding material I won’t necessarily star in. I don’t need to wear the producer hat while making movies, but I love to have that collaboration.”

Photos via Detail