Olivier Martinez Gets His Hand Checked Out At Cedars-Sinai

I know that normally I should be sympathizing with celebrities like Olivier Martinez right now, but after seeing what he did to Gabriel Aubry‘s face, I just can’t. The French bulldog sure does make Chris Brown look like a poodle, and that’s saying a lot. Something tells me that it’s going to be a very, very long time until he gets any work in Hollywood as I’m sure no one is going to want to be anywhere near him or his bad temper.

The French actor and Halle Berry‘s fiance was spotted leaving Cedars-Sinai hospital after getting his hand check out, which happens to be the same hand that pretty much rocked Gabriel’s face forever. I’ll be honest here that I’m much more concerned about Gabriel’s beautiful model face than Olivier’s hand right about now. I can understand getting mad and everything, but what he did was completely out of rage. I can only wonder how Halle and Gabriel are going to explain this to their daughter Nahla, if they explain it to her at all. And I also don’t see Olivier and Halle getting married, so he is surely going to regret getting into the middle of all of this one day. What do you guys think?


Photos via FameFlynet