Reese Witherspoon Looking Fab In L.A.

reese witherspoon out in la

Baby, what baby?! You can hardly tell by looking at these photos of the always lovely Reese Witherspoon that she is the mother of 3, with the youngest being just 2 months old!  The award winning actress was spotted out in LA today showing off her great legs in a short blue dress, black blazer and carrying a great oversized bag.

Reese has her trusty phone on her too.  If you notice she’s often photographed talking on her cell. I wonder if she’s really talking to someone or if she just uses it as an excuse not to talk to the paparazzi?  I have to admit, I’ve pretended to talk on the phone more than once to avoid speaking to someone I didn’t want to!


Photos by Stoianov/Pablo/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES

Check Out The Trailer For The CW’s ‘The Carrie Diaries’ (VIDEO)

the carrie diaries trailer

We’ve been hearing about this show for months and finally we have the first look at The Carrie Diaries!  The prequel to Sex and The City follows a teenage Carrie Bradshaw, played by AnnaSophia Robb, as she deals with the death of her mother, high school and  interning at a law firm in Manhattan.  It’s there that she meets Larissa, the style editor for Interview Magazine, and the rest is history!

I must admit that this looks pretty good!  I wasn’t a die hard SATC fan so I don’t know how they will respond to this but I think I’ll be tuning in when it premiere’s on The CW on January 14th. What about you?


Anna Faris Takes Jack For A Hike

it’s so nice to see Anna Faris out and about with her baby son Jack, isn’t it?  The little guy had to spend some extra time in the hospital after he was born because he was a bit early but everything looks to be fine now.

Anna spent the afternoon enjoying a nice hike with her family in Los Angeles today and she looks like she’s definitely enjoying motherhood.  The actress even stopped to wave and smile at the photographers as she made her way out and about.  She sure does love her ball caps too!


Photos by FameFlynet

Bobbi Kristina Brown Calls Off Her Engagement

bobbi kristina calls off her engagement

Bobbi Kristina Brown shocked everyone, including her own family, when she revealed that she and her Nick Gordon were engaged.  Bobbi’s mom, the late Whitney Houston had unofficially adopted Nick when Bobbi was 12 years old and many members of their immediate family felt the relationship was inappropriate. Well they don’t have to worry any more because the wedding is off.

According to US Weekly;

“They did split. It will come out in the show.” Another insider adds, “I think it has to do a lot with the family not liking Nick, considering he was a godson and then they became a couple. I’m sure there is a lot of, ‘Would Whitney be okay with this?’ going around.”

Nick himself confirmed the split by taking to his twitter account and saying;

“[Bobbi Kristina] and I are not engaged or dating. Just close like we have always been.”

I’m not surprised at all by this, after all Bobbi is only 19 years old and has been through an emotional year.


Photos by  Diane Cohen/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES



Rainn Wilson Urges His Fans To Stop Watching “The Office”

How can you not love Rainn Wilson? In an obvious parody to actor Angus T. Jonesvideo in which he calls his showTwo and a Half Man” filth and begs his fans to stop watching it (even though he makes $350,000 an episode!!), Dwight pretty much mocks him by doing the same by telling his fans to stop watching “The Office.”

He and Craig Robinson  took to Rainn’s Facebook page to file the first official spoof of Angus’ testimonial video, encouraging viewers to stop watching The Office because it’s the type of television entertainment that “will rot your brain.”

The joke of course being that “The Office” really is godawful and should definitely not be watched by anyone. LOL, gotta love it! Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

Kylie Minogue Promotes Her New Book, “Kylie/Fashion”

She’s adorable, isn’t she? Australian chart topper Kylie Minogue was spotted promoting her new book, “Kylie/Fashion,” while at Harrod’s department store in London, England on Wednesday afternoon.

The pint-sized Aussie beauty had on a short but cute yellow dress and was all smiles for the cameras as she signed copies of her book for her fans. I guess I will just never understand why she is so incredibly popular across the pond but never managed to make it big over here. What do you guys think?


Photos via FameFlynet

Hilary Duff Takes Luca To Babies First Class

I swear, this kid is THE CUTEST! Actress and celebrity mom Hilary Duff was spotted taking her too-adorable son Luca to a babies’ first class in Brentwood, Calif. on Wednesday afternoon.

For someone so young, Hilary looks like she’s an excellent, hands-on mom, doesn’t she? It also seems like she’s doing a great job of juggling her career and commitments with motherhood, which we all know is no easy task to do. Take a look at our photo gallery below for all the cuteness.


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