Bobbi Kristina Brown Calls Off Her Engagement

bobbi kristina calls off her engagement

Bobbi Kristina Brown shocked everyone, including her own family, when she revealed that she and her Nick Gordon were engaged.  Bobbi’s mom, the late Whitney Houston had unofficially adopted Nick when Bobbi was 12 years old and many members of their immediate family felt the relationship was inappropriate. Well they don’t have to worry any more because the wedding is off.

According to US Weekly;

“They did split. It will come out in the show.” Another insider adds, “I think it has to do a lot with the family not liking Nick, considering he was a godson and then they became a couple. I’m sure there is a lot of, ‘Would Whitney be okay with this?’ going around.”

Nick himself confirmed the split by taking to his twitter account and saying;

“[Bobbi Kristina] and I are not engaged or dating. Just close like we have always been.”

I’m not surprised at all by this, after all Bobbi is only 19 years old and has been through an emotional year.


Photos by  Diane Cohen/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES