Katie Holmes Attends ‘Dead Accounts’ After Party

katie holmes at dead accounts after party

‘Dead Accounts’ had its official Broadway opening last night. Katie Holmes was all smiles at the after-party. Her parents even came up to sit in the audience and cheer their daughter on. After a difficult summer with her divorce from Tom Cruise, I think it’s safe to say Katie Is BACK!

Look at Katie’s smile. I haven’t seen her smile like this in a looooong time. Are you a fan of her dress? I am. It’s not super-hip or anything, just a nice dress to wear for a party. Katie seems to be separating herself as an actress from her persona as a fashion designer. Hey, she does them both well, so there’s nothing wrong with wearing different hats!



Pippa Middleton Leaves Christmas Charity Sales Launch

pippa middleton attended christmas charity sales launch

Pippa Middleton is remembering to give back this holiday season. The sister to the future Queen of England was seen leaving the Christmas Charity Sales Launch at St. James Church in London. Pippa kept her outfit simple with a black pencil skirt and purple top. I can’t tell if that was a jacket or the top she wore (personally, I’m guessing jacket). Pippa seems to like purple, especially for outerwear.

What I do know is I NEED that clutch! I love the color purple, so this would go with a lot of things in my wardrobe. It’s time to do some searching on the internet to see if I can find it…


Photos by FameFlynetUK/FAMEFLYNET

Ellen Pompeo Runs Errands

ellen pompeo casual chic while running errands

Grey’s Anatomy‘ star Ellen Pompeo was spotted out and about. She appeared to be running some errands. Ellen was solo today. Neither her daughter nor her husband accompanied her. Sometimes you just need some time alone! You can also be a lot quicker.

Ellen looks very chic today in her casual outfit. It’s the cap. That cap just makes the whole outfit more fashionable. Well, the cap and the scarf combined elevate the outfit. See what a couple of simple accessories can do?



Sacha Baron Cohen Embarrasses Isla Fisher

isla fisher embarrassed by sacha baron cohen

Sacha Baron Cohen may be hilarious on-screen as the too-honest Borat or the Dictator, but wife Isla Fisher doesn’t find it quite as amusing off-screen. Like, in real life.

“I cannot tell you how embarrassing he is in social situations. To him, there’s no difference between the awkward gaffes he deliberately makes as a comic, and the terrible faux pas he innocently commits as my husband.”

Explaining she and Sacha had gone to a movie screening, which saw a curvy woman make a long speech before Jack made a shorter address, she continued: “After the film, Sacha said to Jack, ‘Why did you have to make such a short speech? You should have shut up the woman with the big bosoms and said more yourself.’ Jack said through gritted teeth, ‘That was my mother.’

“Although even that didn’t silence Sacha. He told Jack,’ Well at least your mother has a fabulous bosom.’ And he turned to me and said, ‘You’ve always wanted larger breasts, haven’t you Isla?’ I wanted the floor to swallow me up.”

OMG! I guess Isla did want the floor to swallow her up! It sounds like Sacha can be challenging to live with, too.

“Sacha does fully embrace the people he plays and you don’t know the half of it when he comes to getting into character. I’ve lived with Borat’s handlebar moustache, Bruno’s Justin Bieber flick and The Dictator’s accusing finger. At the moment, I’m having it easy – Sacha is writing so he isn’t in character.”

Oy vey!


Photos by Teach/Flynet

Francesca Eastwood To Be Miss Golden Globe 2013

francesca eastwood named miss golden globe 2013

I think it’s a tradition of sorts that a daughter of a celebrity is often selected to be Miss Golden Globe. Francesca Eastwood, daughter of Clint Eastwood and Frances Fisher, has been selected for next year: she will be Miss Golden Globe 2013. Rumer Willis was supposed to be Miss Golden Globe 2008, but the WGA strike led to the cancellation of the Golden Globes that year. The President of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association said:

“Francesca comes from a very talented family and we are delighted to have her be our Miss Golden Globe. She is a budding actress and is a great addition as we celebrate the show’s 70th anniversary.”

Francesca said:

“I’m really honored to be chosen as Miss Golden Globe 2013 and following in the footsteps of such amazing young women.”

Can’t wait to see Francesca’s gown for the Golden Globes!




Justin Bieber Ditches Family Dinner For Selena Gomez

justin bieber ditches family to hang out with selena gomez

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez must still be trying to work things out. The Biebs reportedly skipped out on a family dinner to hang out at the arcade with Selena. Justin was supposed to meet up with his family after performing at his sold-out Madison Square Garden concert on Wednesday evening. The girl and the games, however, won out. In all fairness, I think a lot of 18-year-old guys would make the same choice- LOL.

Justin’s grandparents, his sister, and 30 friends had dinner without the pop superstar at New York’s Philippe restaurant. I’m sure they understood. It sounds like Justin just wanted to unwind at Dave & Busters. Or maybe he was too keyed up from performing to sit down and eat. I’m sure Justin will make time to visit with them later.



Will Brad Pitt Ask George Clooney’s Advice About Turning 50?

brad pitt & george clooney

We all know Brad Pitt and George Clooney have quite the bromance going on. So will Brad  turn to his pal for advice about turning 50, since George is 51?

“He’s too old, we live different lives. What can he tell me? Other than how to protect my liver.”

LOL! Typical guys: they don’t change much from when their little boys, do they? They show their affection through insults. I guess it’s better than the shoves they used to dole out on the playground. Brad shared how he views the milestone birthday that’s coming up for him in 2013.

“… I want to make sure I’m doing things of value – that mean something to me. Make sure I’m doing things I’ve always wanted to try. And make sure I’m not doing things I don’t want to do. Because I’m very conscious of time, I know it’s limited.”

It sounds like Brad is taking a very grounded approach to turning 50. Good for him!