The Jonas Brothers Go Out For Sushi

jonas brothers go out for sushi

The Jonas brothers, as well as Kevin’s wife, Danielle, got together for some sushi. It’s good to see the brotheres, Joe, Nick, and Kevin, out together. They’re all working on their own things, but that doesn’t mean they’re growing apart. Nick was acting on Broadway for a while. Joe had a solo album. And Kevin and Danielle have a reality TV show.

Have you seen Kevin and Danielle’s reality TV show? I’ll ‘fess up right now and admit that I haven’t. However, I have one friend who says she IS obsessed with the show. She has episodes saved on her DVR. One day I’ll make it over so we can spend an afternoon watching them, maybe while we do some holiday baking or something. Are you a fan of the show?


Photos by Bello/FAMEFLYNET