Ben Affleck Takes Seraphina To Breakfast

Ok, at this point I am almost certain that Ben Affleck has some sort of agreement going on with the paparazzi, because normally he would be flipping out if he saw the paparazzi following him everyday. But since we all know how much Ben is campaigning for that Oscar nomination for next year, I guess the paparazzi isn’t so much of a problem anymore, now is it?

The Hollywood actor was once again spotted going out for breakfast with his adorable daughter Serpahina Affleck. You’d think by now that he’d find another place to go to avoid getting papped so often, right? Oh, Ben. We see right through you! But that’s ok. We think you’re hot anyway. LOL.


Photos via FameFlynet




  1. ScotiaGirl says

    I assume they drop Violet off at school and there is a small bit of time before then and when they drop Sera off at pre school. Not enough time to back home but enough to stop off somewhere for a coffee and like the rest of us they have their favorite spots. And why are they not entitled to have their favorite spots and visit them as often as they like??? Give me a break they are going about their normal lives in the way they want, and although they do not like the paps intrusion, they are going to do what they want to do dispite them! And besides I think they both restrain themselves when they kids are front and center so they don’t witness it, but if the kids are there and distracted, then they take the opportunity to flip out at the paps. What would you do in their case, live your life like you wanted to or have to map it out everyday and go out of your way to be inconspicuous??? They are doing the right thing. If it does impact anyone else, who the hell cares??