Kate Middleton Receiving Baby Gifts Before Even Leaving The Hospital!

kate middleton & prince william leave the hospital

Kate Middleton is surely glad to go home after several days in the hospital for treatment for severe morning sickness. Prince William escorted her home. She told reporters camped outside the hospital, ““I’m feeling much better. thank [sic] you.” I’m guessing the duchess just wanted to get home!

While people speculate on whether or not her severe morning sickness indicates she’s having twins, and the UK commonwealth makes plans to formally change the laws so males are no longer favored over females to take the throne, and radio DJs make prank phone calls to the hospital, Kate has also already begun receiving baby gifts from companies! TMZ reports Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge has already received at least four baby baskets from companies in the US. Many more from around the world have likely sent them, as well. If Kate uses any of the gifts received for her baby in public, it’s free advertising. Goodness! Do you blame Kate and Prince William for wanting to keep her pregnancy quiet for a little bit?


Photos by FameFlynetUK/FAMEFLYNET