Why Did Drew Barrymore Name Her Daughter Olive?

drew barrymore explains her daughter's name

Drew Barrymore visited Ellen DeGeneres on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show.’ The first-time mom explained why she named her daughter Olive.

“I never would have guessed that would of been the name. But I was reading a book with my husband, and I was three months pregnant. They said your baby is the size of an Olive and that was it. We never looked back.”

Ellen teased Drew it could’ve been worse, like peanut or grapefruit or kidney bean. LOL! Drew played along.

“It could have been. It was a lot of fruits and vegetables. Kidney’s not such a fun name. We were work shopping a few [names], as all people do who are so blessed to get to do this do. And then once the light was shed, there was just no turning back.”

Drew also gushed about her daughter a little, like any proud new mama would.

“[Olive is] a good baby. I count my lucky stars every day because she is . . . really interactive and happy and like nice to people. She’s a nice person.”