Olivier Martinez Gets Framed In Beverly Hills

And here I’ve been thinking that it’ll be some time until we see Olivier Martinez. I just figured that Halle Berry would hide him somewhere in the dungeons of Beverly Hills while she tries to fix her public opinion about her with some damage control. But boy was I wrong, because her French boyfriend was spotted at a framing store doing who knows what while he was out and about in West Hollywood, Calif. on Friday afternoon.

It looks like Ollie’s fighting hand has healed well, huh? I’m thinking that all of the California sunshine around him must be really getting on his last nerve as the only place he wants to be right now is back at home in Paris. But then again Paris is quite nice during the holidays…


Photos via FameFlynet




  1. Birdy says

    What public opinion problem? Gabriel Aubry is the one who started the fight, and somehow Halle Berry is at fault? What’s wrong with you people, are you just trying to draw out every nut case in the world to make some wild comment? Mr. Martinez did no less than any other man would have done. If you think I’m so wrong ask that significant one at your house and see how he or she would have reacted in the same situation. What would you have had the fellow to do, stand there and let Mr. Aubry beat on him until he simply tired? Simply ridiculous! Rubbish!