Rihanna Likes Adidas

rihanna catches flight wearing adidas

Rihanna really gets around! Last I heard, she was in London. Here’s Rihanna catching a flight out of LA. At this point, we can assume at least two things about Rihanna. One is that her relationship with Chris Brown seems to be “on” again, judging from all the tweets, twitpics, etc. Two is that Rihanna is an adidas fan. She’s dressed head-to-toe in adidas gear here!

I wonder if Rihanna has an endorsement deal with adidas? She certainly should have one- LOL. What do you think of Rihanna and Chris getting back together and being very public about it? I have a couple of friends who are SURE it’s a publicity stunt. I’m not sure either Rihanna or Chris truly need the publicity. What do you think?