Russell Crowe Is Dapper For ‘Winter’s Tale’

russell crowe filming winter's tale

If you have to film outside in New York City in the winter, then ‘Winter’s Tale‘ is a good movie to have to shoot! Russell Crowe is looking dapper and well-protected from the cold. On top of that coat, it looks like he’s wearing a full, three-piece suit underneath. Russell may be one of the few people in the state who is NOT appreciating the unseasonably warm weather New York is getting- LOL.

Well, whether it’s a little warm for him or not, Russell is looking good is looking good in his ‘Winter’s Tale’ wardrobe. Even the nasty scar on his face isn’t so bad. He’s looking very dapper. Are you looking forward to seeing ‘Winter’s Tale’ on the big screen?



Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Attend Z100’s Jingle Ball 2012

taylor swift & harry styles z100 jingle ball 2012

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles both attended Z100’s Jingle Ball 2012. The couple did not appear on the red carpet together, however. Taylor went solo before the cameras. LOVE her little black dress! This dress is much more sleek than what she typically wears. I like those dresses, but Taylor looks great here, too.

Harry, meanwhile, posed on the red carpet with the rest of his groups, One Direction. You can see pictures of them in the gallery below. That makes sense- this is an industry event, so he should be with his group. I’m sure Taylor and Harry met up inside the party.



Chris Evans Grabs Lunch At The Deli

chris evans stops by the deli

While girlfriend Minka Kelly was shopping with a gal pal, Chris Evans was enjoying a low-key afternoon himself. He was seen grabbing lunch at a local deli. If he’s like most guys, he would sooner rip his finger nails off one by one than go shopping, so  Chris was probably fine with his afternoon activities.

I’ve never understood women who force their boyfriends/husbands to go shopping with them. If he’s paying, then it makes sense to drag him along. Otherwise, Leave Him At Home. There’s nothing worse than trying to get shopping done and having to pick around all the guys sitting around sulking, taking up the best chairs. It’s a nuiscance- LOL.


Photos by Goodwin/FAMEFLYNET

Minka Kelly Indulges In Some Retail Therapy

minka kelly shops with a friend

Minka Kelly was spotted doing some shopping at Vince Camuto in Beverly Hills. She was hanging out with a friend rather than boyfriend Chris Evans. Not a bad way to spend a Friday afternoon! I wonder if Minka was treating herself or doing some holiday shopping?

Well, both can be fun, especially if you’re shopping for an easy person. Shopping for a tough person is the WORST. And those are always the people who find gift cards too impersonal, of course. I’m trying to do as much shopping as I can on the internet, which means I need to try to be done within the next week or so. I don’t want to pay a fortune in overnight shipping, and I don’t want to be caught without a gift on Christmas!


Photos by Premiere/RR/FAMEFLYNET

Is Ashlee Simpson Dating A New Guy?

ashlee simpson shops with a mystery guy

We recently heard about Ashlee Simpson and Vincent Piazza going their separate ways. The reported problem was Vincent’s busy work schedule kept him from being able to spend much time with Ashlee. Has Ashlee already moved on with a new guy? She was seen out shopping with an unidentified man in Santa Monica yesterday.

The guy could just be a friend, of course. But have you noticed how many celebs announce a split right before you see them stepping out with someone else? I think many celeb couples try to avoid announcing a split right away, which makes sense: who wants to be hounded about a breakup right after it happens? It seems like the public announcement comes when one of the celebs meets someone new and things get serious. So maybe this is Ashlee’s new guy. We’ll know eventually, I’m sure.


Photos by Pablo/Dmac/FAMEFLYNET

Sofia Vergara Catches A Flight

sofia vergara catching a flight out of lax

Sofia Vergara was spotted catching a flight out of LAX. I wonder if ‘Modern Family‘ is done shooting for the holidays? She could be joining fiance Nick Loeb in either New York City or Miami. I’ve seen them spending a lot of time in both places.

I guess it comes down to this: do you want a wintry Christmas or a summery one? I just can’t imagine hitting the beach on Christmas! Personally, I think I’d want to spend maybe the weekend before Christmas up through the day itself in New York City. Then I’d like to fly down to Miami to warm up on the beach and ring in the New Year- LOL.


Photos by Crown/FAMEFLYNET

‘90210’ Star Shenae Grimes Confirms Engagement

shenae grimes confirms engagement to josh beech

90210‘ star Shenae Grimes confirmed the news that she’s engaged to Josh Beech. It sounds like her hand was tipped when someone spilled the beans to Us Weekly. The not-such-fun side to celebrity is definitely the limited privacy.  Shenae confirmed the news on her website with a post titled “I’m Engaged!”

Thanks for all the congratulations everyone, I’m a very happy lady indeed and all the warm wishes are well appreciated! We plan to keep our special day very private and we hope everyone can respect that. Thanks for the love, right back atcha!


I guess that’s why there’s no mention of whether or not the wedding will take place in England or not. Hopefully we’ll at least get a wedding picture. Regardless, talk about a great way to add some extra cheer to the holidays. Congratulations!