Jenni Rivera’s Family Releases Statement

jenni rivera presumed dead

Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera is presumed dead after a plane she boarded crashed early this morning. Mexican authorities have located the plane, and there were no survivors. Jenni had five children. Her brother told E! News:

“We are feeling devastated. It’s a devastation to the family. We were having a beautiful morning and then we received the news from my brother. ‘Go see mom because we can’t find Jenni’s plane, we don’t know what’s happened to her.’ That’s when it started, really early at nine in the morning. I came to my mom’s house. We started getting the news. Then at around 5 p.m., we got confirmation that she was gone. It was so painful.

“We don’t know how to thank you for all the love you gave to Jenni and to all the family. It is just so special to have you guys as fans. Life is like that. We live and we die. We may be sad, but when God has the last word for all of us in our last days, it’s time to go. And this was the way Jenni had to go.”

My condolences go out to Jenni’s loved ones.


Photos by Adriana M. Barraza/WENN


Jude Law Attends The British Independent Film Awards

jude law at british independent film awards

Jude Law was all smiles on the red carpet in London last night. The ‘Sherlock Holmes’ star attended the British Independent Film Awards. Jude looks like life is treating him well these days, doesn’t he? That’s good to see.

Rumor had it Jude took his second breakup with Sienna Miller pretty hard. Now she has a baby and is engaged to someone else. It’s never easy to see an ex move on, but Jude seems to be doing okay. Good for him!


Photos by WENN

Julie Bowen & Her Kids At The Farmer’s Market

julie bowen & kids at farmer's market

Modern Family‘ star Julie Bowen was spotted at a farmer’s market in Studio City. She had her sons, Gustav, John, and Oliver, in tow. It looks like the foursome had a fun time there! Between seeing Julie hanging out with her kids and her co-star, Sophia Vergara, catching a flight out of LAX, I’m guessing the ‘Modern Family’ cast is off for the holidays.

Getting the month of December off isn’t a bad break! Julie has plenty of time to get her Christmas shopping done. With three boys, she needs the time. Shopping on the internet is much quicker than fighting the crowds, though. If I were a celeb, that would absolutely be how I shopped. Can you imagine trying to get your holiday shopping done and getting stopped by fans every few minutes?


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Which Celeb Couple Won’t Make It To Valentine’s Day? (Celebrity Blind Item)

celebrity blind item

I’m guessing we’ve run pictures of this couple!

We know the tabloids and the fans are loving this hot young couple!

We also know that the relationship is completely fake and won’t last much longer.

The paparazzi are notified whenever they are on the move so they can be photographed holding hands and looking like a couple.

All the hand-holding and party kissing is totally staged. They don’treally care about each other… but they both sure know how to play the publicity game! They also know that they can never, ever admit that the whole relationship is a publicity stunt.

And here’s a fact that will either trouble fans or leave them greatly relieved: They aren’t really spending the night together! They walk into the front door of her hotel holding hands, but he only spends a few minutes with her. He spends the night at his own place, and then meets up with her the next morning when they are ready to leave. The couple then leaves the hotel through the front door a couple a minutes apart to make it look like they spent the night together.

The relationship is scheduled to be a very short one. They may ring in the New Year as a couple… but they won’t make it to Valentine’s Day.

So many possibilities! Any guesses?

– Item from Blind Gossip

Will Smith & His Son Check Out Art Basel

will smith at art basel

Will Smith spent some time with his oldest son, Trey, from his first marriage. The two checked out an exhibit at Art Basel in Miami. I’m guessing Trey REALLY didn’t want to be photographed: the only shot the paparazzi caught of him was from the side, next to the person with the mohawk, and some with him way in the background. Otherwise, all they got was his back (he’s wearing the black tee that says “Motivation” at the top). Will was nowhere near as camera shy; he just enjoyed the art scene.

I was surprised Will didn’t join wife Jada Pinkett-Smith with their two younger kids, Jaden and Willow, in Hawaii over Thanksgiving. Perhaps Will was too busy working on a project to fly out to Hawaii. It’s a long flight. I’m sure they’ll all be together for Christmas in Colorado!


Photos by WENN

Snooki Parties In Vegas

snooki hosts fight after party

Snooki hosted an after-fight party in Las Vegas this weekend. Looking at the new mom posing for the cameras here, I have to say, she looks a bit… uncomfortable. Like this just isn’t her scene anymore. Snooki said her partying days are behind her. Maybe even doing something like hosting this event is more than she feels like doing these days? Once you have kids, things really do change.

I’m not a big fan of boxing, but I did hear about the surprising outcome of the Paquiao-Martinez fight. Martinez had lost to Paquiao three times and was losing this last fight until he knocked Paquiao out. OUCH. Luckily, no fighter seemed to suffer serious injuries. Still, boxing is just too brutal for my nerves.


Photos by Judy Eddy/Joel Ginsberg/WENN