Snooki Parties In Vegas

snooki hosts fight after party

Snooki hosted an after-fight party in Las Vegas this weekend. Looking at the new mom posing for the cameras here, I have to say, she looks a bit… uncomfortable. Like this just isn’t her scene anymore. Snooki said her partying days are behind her. Maybe even doing something like hosting this event is more than she feels like doing these days? Once you have kids, things really do change.

I’m not a big fan of boxing, but I did hear about the surprising outcome of the Paquiao-Martinez fight. Martinez had lost to Paquiao three times and was losing this last fight until he knocked Paquiao out. OUCH. Luckily, no fighter seemed to suffer serious injuries. Still, boxing is just too brutal for my nerves.


Photos by Judy Eddy/Joel Ginsberg/WENN