Gwyneth Paltrow & Tracy Anderson Cover Redbook

gwyneth paltrow & tracy andersoon redbook january 2013 cover

Gwyneth Paltrow probably had fun at this photoshoot: she got to work with her personal trainer/close friend, Tracy Anderson! The two chatted with Redbook about body issues, Gwyneth’s big birthday (she turned 40!), and why Tracy’s diet and exercise routine works. Here are some excerpts from their joint interview:

On Gwyneth’s body issues (yes, she had some):
Tracy: Gwyneth had extra weight she couldn’t drop from her pregnancy with Moses, and she needed to get in shape for her first action film, Iron Man.
Gwyneth: With my daughter it had been easier, but this time, no matter what I did, I felt stuck. I couldn’t shift the weight. But I met Tracy and she was this force from the second I met her. She pulled my pants off. I’ll never forget it. She was like, “Oh, my God, wow, I just am so surprised, because you look so good in clothes. I wasn’t expecting this.”

On how Gwyneth marked her 40th birthday:
The morning of my 40th birthday, my children and husband woke me up with hugs and gifts, and I proceeded to have the best week of my life. I feel really happy being 40, now that I’m on the other side of it. There was definitely some uncomfortable anticipation. But I’m amazed at what I’ve been able to accomplish, that I’ve maintained my important relationships and have such incredible women friends, that I have two funny, beautiful children who can give me a real life. In a way, I feel like no one should make big life decisions until 40. It’s when it all starts to settle and become clear.

Gwyneth, on the significance of her 40th birthday:
I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, but I have the good fortune of knowing what they are. I can recognize my limitations, forgive myself, and celebrate the fact that I have made it to this important birthday with the information I need to keep making corrections.

On how Tracy’s method helps:
Gwyneth: Because it did such wonders for my life, my confidence, my sex life, everything.
Tracy: When you feel your best, you’re more confident in bed, It’s not lights-out, under-the-covers sex. It’s more like, “Take a look at this!”

For more from Gwyneth and Tracy, go to and pick up the January issue of REDBOOK, on newsstands December 18th.