‘Les Miserables’ Featurettes (Video)

les miserables featurettes

Can you tell how excited I am about seeing ‘Les Miserables‘ on the big screen? I’m even looking at behind-the-scenes featurettes about it! I can NOT wait to see Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman, and Amanda Seyfried along with the rest of the stellar cast for this movie. I’ve already stocked up on kleenex- LOL.

Are you looking forward to ‘Les Miserables’? I think part of it comes down to how you feel about musicals and tragedies. If either one isn’t your thing, then ‘Les Miserables’ isn’t your thing. But if you’re on the fence, then try it out. You might be pleasantly surprised. At least the cast and people behind the scenes are all great at what they do! Check out the featurettes.