Bethenny Frankel Ready To Start Her Day

bethenny frankel responds to jill zarin

Bethenny Frankel looks ready to get her day started! Here she is leaving her Manhattan apartment. Bethenny hasn’t been on ‘The Real Housewives of New York City’ for a while now, but the drama from the show still follows her. Jill Zarin took a public jab at her (as well as host Andy Cohen), saying she felt Bravo preferred Bethenny over her and their “friendship” had always been more business-like than truly friendly.

Bethenny responded, calling Jill’s comments “a travesty of a mockery of a sham” — and “a bag of bullsh*t.” Okay, now, don’t hold back, Bethenny! She added:

“Here’s the honest truth about this entire interview that she did…I don’t think that you should hold onto anger, I honestly wish her well and I hope that she’s happy. I do think that people do things in the press to keep themselves relevant and I know she ended up regretting that … I hope she’s well, I honestly honestly do. It’s enough … it’s enough.”

I can understand Jill’s disappointment about being let go from the series, but this probably isn’t helping anything. It is time to move on!


Photos by TNYF/WENN