LeAnn Rimes Covers Her Face After The Gym

It looks like someone was a little camera shy today. That, or it’s probably just another no make-up day for Leann Rimes. The country crooner was spotted leaving the gym while covering her face away from the paparazzi while she was walking back to her car in Calabasas, Calif. on Thursday afternoon.

To be completely honest with you, whenever Leann is dressed in just her sweats or looks “normal” and is not trying too hard, she actually looks really cute. I wish she would take a more casual approach to her everyday wardrobe, because she would look so much better being more comfortable and relaxed. Take a look at our photo gallery below and let us know what you think.


Photos via FameFlynet




  1. sam says

    Wow, that’s 3 STAGED photo-ops in the course of just TWO DAYS. Leann is on a mega media blitz. Does she think that bombarding the internet with photos of herself will get people to buy her single and make radios play the other single? These photos were taken by FameFlynet. The same FameFlynet she invited to her stepson’s soccer game, but gave them the wrong time. So Leann isn’t being camera shy, it’s all just an act to make it look like the paps followed her. If the paps couldn’t find her when she went to rehab, then how are they finding her at the gym or gas station?

    The statement should be when Leann Rimes is single white femaling Eddie’s ex-wife she looks good. Why not give credit where it is due because we know that she doesn’t come up with these looks on her own. The photos of her at the gas station was just Leann copying Brandi. People think that Leann is a famewhore. How many staged photo-ops is she going to set up?