Lindsay Lohan Storage Locker Set For Auction

lindsay lohan storage locker set for auction

And the hits just keep on coming for Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay reportedly owes $16,000 to a storage company. Now the company says she has until Christmas to pay the bill in full. Otherwise, they’re going to auction off the contents, according to TMZ.

The storage locker reportedly holds designer clothes, family heirlooms, and “potentially embarrassing items.” I don’t even want to guess about that. Lindsay is said to have asked family and friends for help covering the bill, but no one has given her anything. Between having her probation revoked, being arraigned on new criminal charges in both California and LA, the IRS seizing her assets, and deals on the brink of falling through because of all this mess, I can’t IMAGINE how Lindsay is coping. If the reports that she fell of the wagon are true, then she’s at risk for a dangerous bender.


Photos by Teach/FAMEFLYNET