Love It Or Hate It: Kanye West’s Skirt

kanye west skirt

You have to admit: Kanye West knows how to Steal The Show. Everyone’s abuzz over Kanye’s outfit for his performance last night at the 12 12 12 Concert. So what’s got tongues wagging? The skirt. USA Today reports twitter was filled with comments. Kim Kardashian, of course, was a fan, tweeting:

“Awwwwwwww I’m so excited right now!!!!! He looks so cute!!”

Others, um, didn’t have quite the same reaction. Some tweets:

  • “Kanye must have swapped suitcases with Kim Kardashian.”
  • ‘Wear this black trash bag as a skirt. Then, just kinda run around the stage scaring white people’ – Kanye West’s manager before the show”
  • “Maybe a new item from the Kardashian collection?”
  • “Kanye West looks like the episode when Steve Urkel became a cheerleader!!!!”

One person didn’t hate it, tweeing: “I love that @kanyewest went from pink popped collars to leggings and kilts in 10 years and he’s still on top of the game.”

And now, Kanye’s skirt even has its own twitter page. Something tells me he loves the attention. But what do you think about Kanye’s skirt: Love It or Hate It? Will this be the next big thing in men’s fashion?


Photos by WENN