Drew Barrymore Launching Cosmetic Line

drew barrymore launching flower cosmetics

Drew Barrymore isn’t letting being a new mom slow her down! She is launching her own cosmetics line. It will be called Flower, and it’ll be available in Wal-Mart starting next month, January 2013. Drew explained how she became involved in the project:

“I think, if you really care about things, then you just naturally get involved. I don’t want to sit there and hope it works out. I want to be in the middle, in the mix, making sure it works out.  It is almost an uncontrollable desire to be one of the people who is creating. Maybe it is just a type of personality. I can’t sleep at night. I care.”

A Maesa Group executive, which is producing Flower cosmetics, said:

“[Flower cosmetics are] true luxury at mass. Once we identified this white space, we thought to ourselves, you know what, we should tackle this. We should build the best color cosmetics brand that we can.”

The timing is perfect for Drew, too: her contract with CoverGirl is about to expire.

“It was really my sole project, and I don’t want to do things where I am just checking in and out. I really do everything at infinite percent.”

Are you going to keep an eye out for Flower?