Christina Aguilera Has Lunch With Her Family In West Hollywood

I know, I know. This is probably not the best time right now to be talking about celebrities and celebrity gossip, considering everything that is going on in Connecticut right now. As a mother, my heart goes out to everyone that has been affected by the horrible shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary school this morning. This is perhaps the worst massive school shooting in American history.

As I’m sure Christina Aguilera and many other celebrity mothers out there will be doing tonight as well, hug your kids. Kiss them. Be with them. Love them. Don’t let them go. They are our most precious commodity.


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Jon Stewart Says Hugh Grant Was His Worst “The Daily Show” Guest Ever

It looks like one of the funniest men in Hollywood is actually one of the biggest divas on the talk show circuit. Jon Stewart has gone on record to say that Hugh Grant was one of his show’s worst guests, ever. And that’s saying a lot considering that he’s had dictators on the show, too.

The British actor appeared on The Daily Show in 2009 to promote his Sarah Jessica Parker film, Did You Hear About the Morgans?, and Jon recalled, “He’s giving everyone s–t the whole time, and he’s a big pain in the ass.”

Apparently, Hugh wasn’t to keen about a video clip of his film being shown on the show. “‘What is that clip? It’s a terrible clip,'” the TV host recalled Grant saying. “Well, then make a better f–king movie,” Jon fired back. BURN!


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Jennifer Garner Takes Seraphina To Breakfast

Too cute! “Butter” actress Jennifer Garner was spotted taking her daughter Seraphina out for breakfast while the two were at the Brentwood Country Market in Brentwood, Calif. on Friday afternoon.

I’m taking it that it’s become a Garner/Affleck family tradition to go out to breakfast almost every morning as they are always snapped by the paparazzi going to their favorite cafe. Check out all of our fun photos below and let us know what you think!


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Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick Do The School Run Together

sarah jessica parker & matthew broderick do the school run

Now this is a change! Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick did the school run together this morning. Sarah and Matthew were seen taking their twin daughters, Marion and Tabitha, to school. SJP makes sure her daughters look cute in their colorful coats, doesn’t she? I love that she dresses them like little girls rather than mini-fashionistas.

After dropping the girls off, Sarah and Matthew were seen giving each other a hug. I wonder if they each went their own separate ways, doing whatever they had to do that day? Well, the walk to school with their daughters probably wasn’t a bad way to start the day.



NeNe Leakes Celebrates Her Birthday

NeNe Leakes celebrated a birthday yesterday! She turned 45. ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘ star marked the occasion with a dinner in Beverly Hills. There was no sign of her estranged husband, Greg. I’ve only caught bits and pieces of this season’s RHOA, and I thought the two were trying to work things out.

Well, NeNe’s got a lot on her plate these days. She’s in the show ‘The New Normal.’ That’s another show on my “need to check out” list. Have you seen it? How’s the show and how’s NeNe?


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Gwyneth Paltrow Refuses To Deny Herself

gwyneth paltrow denies starving herself

Don’t blame Gwyneth Paltrow’s slim and toned body on starvation! Gwyneth says she refuses to starve herself (and her trainer pal Tracy Anderson probably wouldn’t allow it).

“I eat everything! With food, I’m a lot more relaxed than people think,” she claims, maintaining that her indulgences include oysters and cocktail sauce, baked stuffed lobster and French fries.

Oysters are certainly an indulgence, but are they fattening? Hmmm… Gwyneth admits she is a fan of diets, however. She says she likes to kick off the new year with a three-week detox called the Clean Program. It doesn’t allow any processed foods, dairy, gluten, refined sugar, caffeine, or alcohol. I wouldn’t last the DAY on that- LOL. Gwyneth said of the detox, calling it her “favorite thing.” More power to you, Gwyneth. She does look fab, so whatever she’s doing, she should keep it up!