Drew Barrymore Launching Cosmetic Line

drew barrymore launching flower cosmetics

Drew Barrymore isn’t letting being a new mom slow her down! She is launching her own cosmetics line. It will be called Flower, and it’ll be available in Wal-Mart starting next month, January 2013. Drew explained how she became involved in the project:

“I think, if you really care about things, then you just naturally get involved. I don’t want to sit there and hope it works out. I want to be in the middle, in the mix, making sure it works out.  It is almost an uncontrollable desire to be one of the people who is creating. Maybe it is just a type of personality. I can’t sleep at night. I care.”

A Maesa Group executive, which is producing Flower cosmetics, said:

“[Flower cosmetics are] true luxury at mass. Once we identified this white space, we thought to ourselves, you know what, we should tackle this. We should build the best color cosmetics brand that we can.”

The timing is perfect for Drew, too: her contract with CoverGirl is about to expire.

“It was really my sole project, and I don’t want to do things where I am just checking in and out. I really do everything at infinite percent.”

Are you going to keep an eye out for Flower?



Jennifer Lawrence Shares Her Christmas Plans

jennifer lawrence christmas plans

Jennifer Lawrence is currently hard at work on the set of ‘Catching Fire.’ The SAG and Golden Globe nominee does plan to take some time off to celebrate Christmas. ‘The Hunger Games’ star will join her family in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

“My brother just told me in an e-mail that we’re all going to go clay pigeon shooting. He found this place where they let you shoot clay pigeons and then give you dinner afterwards. He’s real excited about it. We’ve never done it before. I don’t know what his shooting skills are like — I’m sure they’re better than mine. I’m going to have to bring my bow and arrow.”

I bet her shooting skills are up to the task after her training for ‘The Hunger Games’! It’s good to hear Jennifer’s going to get to spend the holiday with family.


Photos by Zeus/Apollo/FAMEFLYNET

Russell Crowe Wants To Bring His Family Back Together

russell crowe vows to put his family back together

A rumor came out a while ago that Russell Crowe and Danielle Spencer had split. It was never addressed publicly one way or the other. Russell has been in the United States for a while now, filming ‘Noah’ and now ‘Winter’s Tale.’ Russell broke his silence after Page Six reported he was dating Katie Lee (Billy Joel’s ex-wife). He tweeted:

As soon as I finish this job & can get home, my priority is to try to bring my family back together.These latest reports are false & cruel.

It sounds like Russell and Danielle are having problems. But it also sounds like Russell wants to fight to save his marriage. Something tells me he’s not an easy guy to say “No” to!



Hot New Trailer: Jessica Chastain In ‘Zero Dark Thirty’

jessica chastain zero dark thirty trailer

Here’s the role that’s earning Jessica Chastain acting nominations left and right! She’s already been nominated for a SAG award as well as a Golden Globe for her acting in the highly anticipated ‘Zero Dark Thirty.’ Here’s a new trailer for the movie, which hits theaters in January. It looks like there’s a lot more detail about the search to find Osama Bin Laden. The raid done by the SEALs seems to be the climactic part but certainly not the entire movie.

Are you interested in seeing this or are you tired of hearing about the Osama Bin Laden raid? At this point, there have been a number of documentaries and a best-selling book about it. I’m interested because of Jessica and director Kathryn Bigelow. They’re both incredibly talented: I trust this will be entertaining.


Are Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson Planning Surprise Wedding?

jessica simpson planning secret wedding

One rumor is that Jessica Simpson is already pregnant with her second child with Eric Johnson. Another rumor is that Jessica wants to be married to Eric before she gives birth to this second child. That makes this story very interesting: could Jessica and Eric be planning a suprise wedding for next Friday, December 21? A source says:

“For the holidays, Jessica and Eric are going to Hawaii and they’ve invited a lot of their close friends and family. No one quite knows what is being planned, but family members are speculating that they could be planning a surprise wedding.

“Jessica and Eric had planned to get married before the end of the year, but because Jessica was helping her best pal Cacee with her wedding she got sidetracked. Then, her father’s problems shattered her world and she discovered she was expecting.

“Jessica is certain though that she wants to get married before her baby is born, and isn’t bothered if she’s showing in any wedding pictures. She just wants a relaxed and intimate ceremony and has been dropping hints that the big day could be right before Christmas.”

With the way Jessica’s been hiding her stomach- and NOT denying the pregnancy rumors- I have to wonder if there might be some truth to all of this (both the pregnancy and the surprise wedding). Well, we’ll find out soon enough! Do you believe it?



Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale Hit Disneyland (Video)

gwen stefani & gavin rossdale disneyland

Sandra Bullock wasn’t the only celeb parent to take her little one to Disneyland recently. Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale treated Kingston and Zuma (and grandparents, it looks like) to a fun day at the park. I have to say, it looks like one of the happiest places on earth may have been a bit too tame for two rocker parents! At some points, they look like they’re pretty bored- LOL.

Some of the kids stuff can be a little dull. I bet they enjoyed the roller coaster, though. Kingston and Zuma probably had a blast! I bet Disneyland has a lot of fun holiday-themed stuff, too. I admit it, though: Disney World will always be #1 in my heart.

Will Lindsay Lohan Work For Scores Strip Club To Save Her Possessions?

lindsay lohan offer from strip club

Lindsay Lohan has been made an offer that could take care of at least one headache. New York Scores strip club says it will pay Lindsay’s $16,000 storage locker fees so her things won’t go up on the auction block. It’s not as bad as it sounds, though: the job they want Lindsay to do involves NO nudity. Instead, Scores wants Lindsay to appear on their website, ScoresLive.com

Scores wants Lindsay to work as their online video chat webmaster. Scores reportedly even sweetened their deal with an offer to pay a couple of months of Lindsay’s rent on her Beverly Hills mansion. I’m on the fence about this. On one hand, as a serious actress, this isn’t something Lindsay should get involved in. Yet she’s obviously desperate for cash, and at least she isn’t actually stripping. What do you think: should Lindsay do this?