Will Lindsay Lohan Work For Scores Strip Club To Save Her Possessions?

lindsay lohan offer from strip club

Lindsay Lohan has been made an offer that could take care of at least one headache. New York Scores strip club says it will pay Lindsay’s $16,000 storage locker fees so her things won’t go up on the auction block. It’s not as bad as it sounds, though: the job they want Lindsay to do involves NO nudity. Instead, Scores wants Lindsay to appear on their website, ScoresLive.com

Scores wants Lindsay to work as their online video chat webmaster. Scores reportedly even sweetened their deal with an offer to pay a couple of months of Lindsay’s rent on her Beverly Hills mansion. I’m on the fence about this. On one hand, as a serious actress, this isn’t something Lindsay should get involved in. Yet she’s obviously desperate for cash, and at least she isn’t actually stripping. What do you think: should Lindsay do this?






  1. Rowaenthe says

    She’s not a serious actor anymore; please. Get real. Take the job, take the money. Pay your bills and stop acting like the thing you’ll never, ever be again.

    It’s really better than she deserves at this point, and if she actually works and makes a real effort at it, she may stand a chance of getting some dignity back.