James Franco Reveals Why He Thinks Lindsay Lohan Keeps Getting Into Trouble

Lindsay Lohan Goes on Good Morning America

Lindsay Lohan is no stranger to trouble and is rumoured to be having to sell off her personal possessions and hire herself out as entertainment just to be able to pay her bills. Back in 2011 James Franco directed Lindsay in the video for R.E.M.‘s song Blue, and he says that at that time he tried to help Lindsay out but he feels like there’s a reason she keeps finding trouble.

According to X17Online, Franco said;

“I haven’t talked to her in a long time because it seemed like she was getting into some more trouble.”

“Lindsay and I had reconnected at that time. I had been writing some poems about the Chateau Marmont and one or two of the poems involved Lindsay … I think one of the reasons it’s so hard is when she gets in trouble, she gets all this attention and I’m sure she gets book offers. Like she goes to jail, and instead of feeling like, ‘I really hit a low place,’ she’ll get a crazy offer for her jail memoir.”


I definitely think that the amount of sensationalizing that we do over starlets who find themselves in legal trouble is a definite problem. What do you think?