Which Celeb Parents Are Involved In A “Disciplined Tug Of War”? (Celebrity Blind Item)

It’s taking EVERY LAST OUNCE of my self-control not to share my own guess for this blind item! Here it is:

This celebrity family is going through some troubles, with lots of rumors floating around about who is doing what, and who is siding with whom.

Well, here is the real story.

This argument isn’t about money or fame. It’s about the child/ren.

The father recognized from the beginning that he doesn’t have much control over the child/ren from his wife’s previous marriage, so he adopted a fairly laissez-faire policy when it came to their upbringing. He was supportive, but not overly controlling or a strict disciplinarian.

He really wants his kids to be happy. Well, the younger child/ren told him that they would be happiest if they could do what the older child/ren was doing. No surprise there. Given that their older sibling/s was receiving money, gifts, fame and parental attention for their behavior, why would they yearn for anything else? So, the father let them do it.

The father now realizes that he made a mistake. He is not dumb or passive. He knows that he screwed up. But he also recognizes the pitfalls of fame that lie before him. He knows that swift, public action – talking about the issues, speaking negatively about his wife, making public statements about how unhappy he is about the situation, or suddenly pulling the younger child/ren out of their activities – will only exacerbate the problem. The wife is ruthless when it comes to getting what she wants, and he has no doubt that she will launch a PR war against him if he makes a false move.

So he is trying to deal with all of this very quietly and behind closed doors. He has attorneys, and they are keeping up a steady but careful campaign for him to get more control over the situation. Just know that he is a lot smarter and more disciplined than anyone is giving him credit for being.

He wants a different upbringing for the younger child/ren, and he is determined to get it. Will he only get that by breaking up the family and divorcing his wife? Yes. And he wants that done soon so that he can influence the child/ren before they are of legal age to decide for themselves/selves.

Any guesses? Any? Personally, I’m including reality stars as “celebs” here, although I know some people don’t like to consider them “real” celebrities.

– Item from Blind Gossip

Amanda Seyfried Heads Home

amanda seyfried returns home

Les Miserables‘ star Amanda Seyfried was seen heading home. She was enjoying a sweet treat, a lollipop. Treats are one of the BEST parts of the holiday season! I wonder what Amanda’s holiday plans are?

I kept wondering if there was going to be an LA premiere of ‘Les Miserables,’ but now I doubt there will be. Studios are canceling premieres out of respect for the Newtown tragedy. That makes complete sense, and it’s a very respectful thing to do. I keep watching all the news coverage on it, but it’s just so hard to truly make sense of. It’s just a senseless tragedy. My heart goes out to all the people personally affected. The joy has gone out of the holidays for them.


Photos by Thumbs42/FAMEFLYNET


Hot Guy Of The Day – Derek Hough

derek hough leaving california pizza kitchen

Dancing with the Stars‘ pro Derek Hough was seen leaving the California Pizza Kitchen after having lunch. All those hours of dancing must be what allow Derek to eat pizza while still looking like that. YUM. I keep waiting for Derek to make the leap to the big screen like his sister, Julianne Hough. Surely he’s working on it; Derek starred in a movie called ‘Cobu.’ It’s scheduled to hit theaters in 2013. Here’s what it’s about:

A pair of star-crossed dancers in New York find themselves at the center of a bitter rivalry between their brothers’ underground dance clubs.

Hmmm… sounds like it could be good. I’ll have to check out the trailer when it’s released.



Pink & Willow Hit The Shops

pink & willow hit the shops

Pink and Willow hit the shops! The mother-daughter duo did some holiday shopping at Toy Crazy and The Colony Company in Malibu. Did Willow help pick out her own Christmas presents? Well, at her age, she’s too young to fully understand what’s going on yet.

But Willow will have fun with her new toys! That’s the important thing. She looks adorable in that pink jacket. I bet Pink and Willow had a fun afternoon on their shopping spree.


Photos by Goodwin/FAMEFLYNET


Celebrity Birthdays For December 18… Cha, Cha, Cha!

celebrity birthdays for december 18

Happy Birthday to Katie Holmes! She’s 34 today. Let’s see which other celebs are celebrating a birthday.

  • Actor Roger Smith is 80.
  • Blues guitarist Lonnie Brooks is 79.
  • Actor Roger Mosley (Magnum, P.I.) is 64.
  • Guitarist Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones is 69.
  • Director Steven Spielberg is 66.
  • Movie critic Leonard Maltin is 62.
  • Guitarist Elliot Easton of The Cars is 59.
  • Actor Ray Liotta is 57.
  • Actor Brad Pitt is 49.
  • Actress Rachel Griffiths is 44.
  • Country singer Cowboy Troy is 42.
  • Rapper DMX is 42.
  • DJ Lethal of Limp Bizkit is 40.
  • Actor Josh Dallas (Once Upon a Time) is 34.
  • Actress Katie Holmes is 34.
  • Singer Christina Aguilera is 32.



Britney Spears All Smiles At ‘X Factor’ Finale Press Conference

britney spears x factor finale press conference

Britney Spears posed with her ‘X Factor‘ “mentee,” Carly Rose Sonenclar, at the press conference for the ‘X Factor’ finale. Look at the two: all teeth! Britney showed Carly how to work it for the cameras. Are you excited about the ‘X Factor’ finale? The winner will be crowned this Thursday!

Who are you rooting for? I lost track of ‘X Factor’ months ago, I’m afraid, so I don’t have a dog in this fight, so to speak. My DVR recording space is nearly full with shows from this season I haven’t had a chance to watch! But for those of you watching ‘X Factor,’ are you excited?



Maria Shriver Treats Her Kids To Lunch

maria shriver takes her kids out to lunch

Maria Shriver knows the trick to visiting with college-age kids: take them out for a meal- LOL. Seriously, I doubt Katherine and Patrick Schwarzenegger are living the typical shoe-string budget existence of most college students and young twentysomethings, but going out to lunch is still nice. Maria took Katherine and Patrick out to lunch at Barney Greengrass in Beverly Hills.

Maria’s looking upbeat these days! She seems ready for the holidays. Well, Maria reportedly wasn’t happy with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s claims while he was promoting his memoir, ‘Total Recall,’ but she’s probably over it now. Arnold’s memoir didn’t sell very well. Karma! I wonder if this is any indication of how Arnold’s upcoming action movies will do at the box office?