Selena Gomez Stops By Hooters

selena gomez stops by hooters

Selena Gomez was seen stopping by her local Hooters. I had to read that twice- Hooters?! I hear their wings are really good. That’s the only reason I can think of that Selena would actually eat there instead of, well, anywhere else. Word has it she and Justin Bieber are on the outs again. At least Selena didn’t eat alone, according to what this eyewitness told Hollywood Life.

“Selena had lunch at Hooters this afternoon with an older blonde woman. I think it was her mom. Selena has been in here before and she actually looked kind of sad. She usually always has a smile on her face. They had chicken wings and chilli. Selena has been here before with Justin.”

Break-ups, especially extended ones like this (IF they finally decide to end things) aren’t easy. At least Selena has support; it’s not like she was dining solo.