First Look: Jessica Simpson’s Weight Watchers Commercial (Video)

jessica simpson weight watchers commercial

Jessica Simpson is looking FAB here! This is her latest Weight Watchers commercial. You would never know she gave birth within the last year to look at her here. Okay, I’m going to go there. Looking at those slightly grainy pictures of Jessica as a bridesmaid at BFF Cacee Cobb’s wedding, it looks like she’s picked up a little weight. Maybe the rumors are true.

For her first pregnancy, Jessica reportedly kept quiet because she was trying to negotiate a deal with a magazine to make the big announcement. Apparently a deal couldn’t be negotiated before she started showing. Maybe Jessica’s trying to negotiate a deal to announce baby #2? Or perhaps she wants to be married to Eric Johnson before announcing a new pregnancy. Then again, Weight Watchers could want her to keep quiet for as long as possible so they can run these commercial. Whatever the reason, I will not be surprised AT ALL if Jessica ultimately announces she’s expecting (or starts flaunting a baby bump). Check out the commercial below.