Jennie Garth Plans For First Christmas As A Single Mom

jennie garth first christmas as single mom

It’s easy to forget the holidays aren’t always a happy time for everyone. Sometimes, they can be the most difficult time of the year. Jennie Garth is facing her first Christmas as a single mom. It sounds like she plans to keep things low-key, but not so low-key she gets completely outshined by her ex, Peter Facinelli. The two have three daughters.

“This year we’re going to be celebrating it quietly at home, just the four of us. Then, we’re going to be taking a trip to see some dear friends in Virginia.

“I’m going to be taking them to a play for Christmas, and trying to up my fun game as a mom. They do a lot of fun things with their dad, so I’m trying to up my fun game. I’m going to look in L.A. and see what are some fun holiday things we could do. I know that Neil Patrick Harris is doing a play — we might check that out in Pasadena.”

Jennie also shared her strategies for co-parenting with OK! magazine.

“It’s about communication, and keeping the focus on the girls. That’s what makes it work as a co-parent. You need to take the focus off of yourself and maybe your feelings about something, and make sure you’re making the right choice for the girls — for the kids.”

Sounds like a great strategy to me! And hopefully Jennie won’t stress herself out too much about what fun things Peter may plan with the girls. Their daughters are sure to enjoy time with both parents!


Photos by Juan Rico/FAMEFLYNET