Was LeAnn Rimes Drinking Before Her Performance On Last Night’s X-Factor (VIDEO)

leann rimes on xfactor

LeAnn Rimes has the internet a buzz again and this time everyone is speculating about whether or not the singer performed under the influence last night. LeAnn appeared on last night’s episode of The X-Factor where she performed a duet with teen finalist Carly Rose Sonenclar.

Check out the performance below and let me know if you think that LeAnn might have indulged in a few pre-performance drinks before taking the stage. I watched the show last night and I must admit I did find LeAnn’s performance a bit shaky and she did seem to hang all over Carly Rose.  What do you think?






  1. vicki says

    I wish tabloids left LeAnn Rimes out these past 10 years because I loved her then and kind of hate her now. So over her.

  2. sam says

    I don’t know why anyone is surprised. Based on her behavior on twitter and her fan website last month and this month, it was obvious that something like this was going to happen. She tweets about Brandi’s kids out of spite. The media has been babying Leann, even refusing to challenge her when she says that she was in rehab for 30 days. This is what happens when people and especially the media fall for Leann’s victim act. This is how she probably acts when she is around Brandi’s kids.