Is Katie Holmes Dating?

is katie holmes dating?

If Katie Holmes’ attitude outside the Ed Sulllivan Theatre is any indication, she is indeed single and ready to mingle! And Katie reportedly is doing just that. Word has it she’s entered back into the dating pool. A mystery man supposedly was seen walking Katie back to her New York City apartment last night. An eyewitness said:

“They were saying a long, long goodnight, talking and looking pretty romantic in the lobby around 2am. He looked like a finance type, was wearing classic Cole Haan shoes and a navy pea coat. He walked her to the elevator and then she said ‘good night’ and smiled.”
The insider claimed that the 34-year-old actress looked completely smitten with her guest, and was “twirling her hair with one leg up. She was very pretty and very flirty!”

However, others close to Katie say the man is simply a good friend and is gay.

“Katie’s happy, she’s a totally new person. She’s not dating anyone and she won’t be anytime soon. It’s not like she’d even have the time.”

Well, who knows? I’m sure Katie will date when she’s ready.