Jennifer Aniston Can Work A Pole

jennifer anison is good at pole dancing

Yes, that title is meant EXACTLY as it’s written! Jennifer Aniston has some impressive pole dancing skills, according to her ‘We’re The Millers‘ co-star, Emma Roberts. Jennifer plays a stripper in the movie. Emma dished on Jennifer’s skillz:

“She’s really good. I saw bits and pieces of it and she is amazing. It was unreal! She looks really hot.”

I bet Jennifer’s fiance, Justin Theroux, has no complaints! Emma said she enjoyed filming ‘We’re The Millers.’

“I got to work with Jennifer Aniston, who’s just the most amazing comedic actress, and Jason Sudeikis, who’s obviously hilarious…They’re funny of course but also just the sweetest people. And I think that’s really important working with people for so long.”

Jennifer, meanwhile, reportedly is now focused on planning her wedding. Sources say she’s involved Justin heavily in the design of her wedding dress because she trusts his judgment.

“Jen always consults Justin on her wardrobe, whether it’s casual or if she’s trying to pick a red-carpet dress. She really values Justin’s opinion and says he’s often the only one to be brutally honest.”

Now that is an unusual move for a bride! But hey, why not take advantage of Justin’s good taste?