Kelly Osbourne Spills The Deets On Her Weight Loss

kelly osbourne weight loss secret

Kelly Osbourne shares her secret to losing weight (she dropped quite a few pounds several years ago) and keeping it off (which is the toughest part of all!) So how did Kelly lose the weight and keep it off?

“People think I lost weight and that’s what made me happier. That’s not true: I had to learn to love myself first. Losing weight was just one benefit of putting the hard work in and sorting myself out on the inside first through therapy. That was one of the scariest times of my life. I swear I’ve never felt more naked, because I had to actually be me and couldn’t mask it.”

That makes sense. For a lot of people struggling with their weight, it’s likely there’s a fair amount of emotional eating going on. Until you deal with whatever’s leading to that emotional eating, your weight will be a problem. Kelly doesn’t deprive herself: she says she enjoys everything “in moderation” and exercises every day.

“When I started exercising I couldn’t even do one sit-up. By the end of the first week I could do three, and that was a big deal. Now I work out every day and I just don’t feel good if I miss it. It’s amazing how quickly your fitness builds, but you have to really want it.”

Kelly said her “wow” moment came last year when she could zip up a Zac Posen couture gown for the Emmy Awards.

“I’ll never be the kind of person who thinks, ‘I’m so hot.’ I don’t want to be. But I learned to respect and love myself – something I didn’t think I would ever be capable of. I put on my dress, and when I looked at myself in the mirror I cried. Never in my life did I think that Zac Posen would fly in a dress for me that he could have given to any nominee. It fit me perfectly!”

Go Kelly! She truly has done an amazing job with getting herself together. Kelly is an inspiration.






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